How to File an Auto Insurance Claim?


Being in a car accident is never a pleasant experience, and whether it is the fault of another driver if the auto insurance policy holder, they will have to discuss the incident with the insurance company in order to ensure a satisfactory resolution is found, and that the damage will be paid for by the insurance company. The way that each type of claim will be handled will vary depending on who is at fault, but there are common features which will be important in both respects.

For those who have never been in an auto accident before, there are a number of things which will be needed to be documented at the scene of the incident, and the more information that can be obtained here, and then the easier it will be further down the line.

As long as nobody is injured, which is the case in the majority of motor vehicle accidents, and then speaking to the other driver or drivers in a safe place near the road is the first step. If it is clear who is at fault, then agreeing this is a positive step, but the most important thing is to get the vehicle and insurance details of the other drivers before leaving the scene of the accident. This will be requested by the insurance company during the claim process.

Those people who have admitted the liability for the incident will need to contact their auto insurance company to advise them of the incident and to state that they should expect contact from the other driver’s insurers. If it is a comprehensive policy covering the driver’s car too, then it will be necessary to ensure that their car is repaired too. Most companies will issue details or even a handy card to keep in the glove box about the steps that need to be taken after an accident.

For the victims in a road collision, or if the fault for the accident was in dispute, it is still the case that they should contact their own insurers as the first point of call. They will arrange for the repairs to be carried out, and liaise with the other insurance company to arrange payment for these repairs. They will also go over any injuries that may have happened and if there are any other liabilities to the other insurer.

Many people won’t have been in an accident before, so having a valuable resource to hand when preparing to file the auto insurance claim will help people to understand more about the procedures and get their car repaired as soon as possible. By being in frequent contact with their own insurers after a collision, then they will be able to complete the claim as smoothly as possible, with the minimum of fuss and hassle during the claim procedure.

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